The Full Moon Experience

by Hopeless Romantics

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released November 6, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Hopeless Romantics Long Beach, California

Anthony Colocho
Jon Johnson
Zachary Carlisle
Jasmine Canales
Josiah Miller
Marcos Avina

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Track Name: Dream Is Reality
Love grows in the eyes of disguise
Love shows when the heart unwinds
Feel the night, if it feels right
But don't lose sight of the light inside

Don't fear the pain
It will teach humility
Don't try to refrain
From expressing humanity
Unlock the door
it's sacred geometry
We're meant for more
Our dream is reality!

Hand in hand We'll see love grow
Seven moons, it was foretold
Feel the tide of that universal soul
Take the ride on that cosmic flow

Feel the sun in the morning rise
New frequencies have already arrived
The time is now, and we know how
Heartbeats pulsing through the sound
Track Name: Walk Away Blues
Whiskey shes my wife baby
But wine is my lover
Said I'm divorcing one, while I run run run from the other

Cuz I' been sitting too long sipping from your well
You got me stumbling drunk tumbling through hell
I'ts true
(you give me a mad case of those walk away blues, mama)

Now I'm Walking these streets, baby
I'm walking all alone
Just the shoes on my feet baby
And I'm sober as a stone
Said i don't know where I am going
But then again I got nowhere to go
(cuz you aint been around honey)

And I'm a no-good-looking son of a gun
and I'd leave before I'd ever come to you
(give me a mad case of those walk away blues, mama, watch me walk away!)
Track Name: Amen Namah
I'm an emotional purge right now
A wave waiting to emerge somehow
Filled up to the top of my crown
And there's signs all around
When I hear or say truth, when I'm letting it out
If there's Spirit, I feel what is happening
Ships sailing in
Containing all of the lost hearts

Amen Namah Steady
Flow is returning
I'm taking back my heart
Release negativity, let in pure love
Bring I positivity, see only love

Wise sailors holding the key to heaven
And planting for the I
Running to the ship I can hear my heart calling me
Anxiously, passionately
Come back to me, come back to me

So the light hooks me up with this change
That is happening within and without
Releasing doubt, it's amazing
I can see only love
I see only love
Track Name: Be In The Here And Now
I've got to be
In the here and now
Will only drag me down
So be in the here and now, oh yea

Just sitting on this couch
Trying to figure it out
No more room left in my head
So i must be somewhere else instead
The sun shines down on my face
And leads me to a brighter place
Thoughts drift with the clouds
I've got to
Come back to the here and now

Trying not to get caught up
In the expectations that we have of us
It's so much easier said than done
But I know we will over come
Understand we don't control the tide open up your soul to the divine
And re-ignite the power inside
Breathe it in, everything that we are giving
And be grateful for all that is

We're in the time of changing and reflection
Let Love's guidance stir you in the right direction
Look at the trees, feel the breeze
And stay truly connected
When you come into this silence
Instant reminders of the almighty mighty
The light in you and I
Is grand just like the sky

Stay with me, and breathe in this moment please
Track Name: Olivia
She was drinkin’
I was peakin’
We were dancing to the beat of the bass
There were times in this night I could not replace
So I know now
You let me drown
So I know now
You let me drown

Spinning in this world I was looking for a girl like you
Someone who can twirl in the wind just like you do
Funk soul night got me feeling so right
Smiles on the dance floor Make me feel so nice

I was tryin to tell you something
But the music was so loud
My mind was so scattered
My friends were all around
If your mind is scattered
Get low to the ground
Let everything float on by you
Just like the sound (..just like the sound..)

Well I told myself
that this is the year I begin to heal
this is the year I begin to feel
This is the year for every one to hear
We all love each other

there's a Universal love floatin' through the air
Can you feel it here

Just like the sun I rising
To feel the morning rays
All these thoughts in my head
And I feel o.k...
I see beautiful flowers
Growing from the earth
As if it’s a sign that we are living in a perfect world
My social mind destroys me
And everything they taught me
Never made no sense
When I tried to live my life
Know that everything's alright, When I try to live my life

But we all love each other,
We all love each other!
Track Name: Got It Good
Full moon taking up the sky
Stare so deep into your eyes
You move my way

Silence from the darkness takes us over
Check out both my hands, I'm holding thunder

I've got it, got it, got it, got it good
I love her, love her, love her like I should
And oh, she don't know

Guess I'm doubting what's in me
The force that moves the yous to mes
And, we'll shift that way

Climbing to the place where billion stars are just like us
Wanna be the one that you can trust

And when the planets align, then you will be mine
And we can share what makes us one
And if you tell me it's real, then i'll try to feel
And we can share what makes us one
Track Name: Coinci-Dance
Strut right to left
Now wiggle those hips
Baby shake your thighs
Maybe do a little dip

And now you're doing the Coinci-Dance
You let your hips move from happenstance
Realize as you shake your thighs this is beyond random chance

What is this Coinci-Dance?
Boy, you can't be serious
Just connect with your soul
Go Coinci-delirious
We all Coinci-Dance
If ever we get the chance
When you walk the street, watch the beat of your feet
As it puts you in a trance

And you're doing the Coinci-Dance
Let your hips move from happenstance
Realize as you shake your thighs that I've got you in a trance

With the way I Coinci-Dance, Coinci-Dance
Now baby go Coinci-Dance, Coinci-Dance
Now don't be afraid to fall, Coinci-Dance
Now get your booty off the wall, Coinci-Dance

See we're here in this moment,
So this is where we're supposed to be,
If you want, you can own it!
Coinci-Dance with me, baby
Take a chance and see, baby
Take a chance on me

Let's do the Coinci-Dance
Let your hips move from happenstance
Realize as you shake your thighs
That you've got me in a trance!

With the way You Coinci-Dance, Coinci-Dance
Now baby go Coinci-Dance, Coinci-Dance
I wanna see you shake your pants, Coinci-Dance
Now baby gimme one more chance, Coinci-Dance

So come in to your extremities
Let the dance be the remedy
Wonder one thing as you do:
Do you move your hips or do your hips move you?
Do you move your hips or do you do

The Coinci-Dance?
Let your hips move from happenstance
Now realize as you shake your thighs that this is your last chance!

Let me see you go Coinci-Dance, Coinci-Dance
Now baby go Coinci-Dance, Coinci-Dance
I wanna see you shake the walls, Coinci-Dance
Now don't be afraid to fall, Coinci-Dance
Now make your hips sing!
Track Name: Breathe In Breathe Out
Breathe in
Breathe out
Our love

You've got to
Breathe it into your heart and soul
Don't Regret any action you take, just grow
Don't be afraid of the love we make, let go

Breathe in
Breathe out
Our love

There's no question the path we should take,
It's Love
When you question the path that is made,
Things get tough
One of the hardest things to do
Is trust
But when you let that flow take you,
You might just...

Breathe in
Breathe out
Our love