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Inspired by Funky Soul nights, riding the movement of LOVE!


She was drinkin’
I was peakin’
We were dancing to the beat of the bass
There were times in this night I could not replace
So I know now
You let me drown
So I know now
You let me drown

Spinning in this world I was looking for a girl like you
Someone who can twirl in the wind just like you do
Funk soul night got me feeling so right
Smiles on the dance floor Make me feel so nice

I was tryin to tell you something
But the music was so loud
My mind was so scattered
My friends were all around
If your mind is scattered
Get low to the ground
Let everything float on by you
Just like the sound (..just like the sound..)

Well I told myself
that this is the year I begin to heal
this is the year I begin to feel
This is the year for every one to hear
We all love each other

there's a Universal love floatin' through the air
Can you feel it here

Just like the sun I rising
To feel the morning rays
All these thoughts in my head
And I feel o.k...
I see beautiful flowers
Growing from the earth
As if it’s a sign that we are living in a perfect world
My social mind destroys me
And everything they taught me
Never made no sense
When I tried to live my life
Know that everything's alright, When I try to live my life

But we all love each other,
We all love each other!


from The Full Moon Experience, released November 6, 2014




Hopeless Romantics Long Beach, California

Anthony Colocho
Jon Johnson
Zachary Carlisle
Jasmine Canales
Josiah Miller
Marcos Avina

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